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Design-A974116-Implementing Labour Principles in Global Supply Chains-November 2011

Implementing Labour Principles in Global Supply Chains; 14 November-2 December 2011; Read the flyer (course description)


Past Activities
Promoting Labour Standards through CSR: instruments and practices; June 20 - 24, 2011;

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR


 Under the CSR training area, we offer courses in:

  • Promoting Labour Standards through CSR: Instruments and Practices (OPEN)
  • Implementing Labour Principles in Global Supply Chains (Open)
  • Public Policies and Perspectives on CSR  


By sharing relevant notions and good practices, our courses aim at ensuring that the ILO standards and the orientations of the MNE Declaration are properly understood and reflected in the conception and implementation of CSR practices (and related activities) in the context of foreign direct investment and global supply chains, or associated to enterprise restructuring. Some of our training products look at the different forms and perspectives of public engagement on CSR and how public policy can encourage enterprises to promote decent work.


In response to public criticisms against foreign direct investment and global production systems, multinational enterprises (MNEs) have been engaging in a wide range of voluntary, company-level or multi-stakeholder initiatives that address the social and environmental impact of their operations on society and are commonly labelled as corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices.

International guidelines and recommendations were introduced in the late 70s to guide action and policies in this area. To this end, The ILO has been promoting the principles laid down in the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (“MNE Declaration”) as a means to encourage the positive contribution that MNEs can make to economic and social progress. An important component of this work centres on building the capacity of governments, social partners and enterprises to advocate and apply such principles. 

We are developing a new cluster of CSR-related training activities targeting ILO constituents and other international and national actors concerned. These activities focus on the labour and decent work dimensions of CSR.  

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